Thrixopelma sp.

Distribution: unknown

Mature male (RKCP 0200).

Male palpal bulb morphology, prolateral view (above), retrolateral view (below).

Notes: The male of Thrixopelma sp. was compared with the male holotype of Thrixopelma lagunas  Schmidt & Rudloff, 2010, closely related species. Total length of male 42.5 mm (contra 31 mm in T. lagunas), carapace length / width 17.3 / 15.5 mm, number of cheliceral teeth 9, the fourth one from the basis small (contra the first one in T. lagunas), metatarsal scopulae of leg III is covering apical 1/3, of leg IV only apex (contra 1/4 in T. lagunas), tarsus IV is divided by band of hairs only in basal half, spiniform setae on coxae I and II is absent (present in T. lagunas). The spination of palp is different: femur pl 0-0-1-1, patella pl 0, rl 0, tibia pl 1-2-1, v 1-0-0, d 0, rl 1-1-0. The spination of legs was not examined. The paired tarsal claws with 6 teeth on leg I, III and IV, with 7 teeth on leg II (contra 4 teeth in T. lagunas). Presence of the type III urticating hairs of different lenghts (1x-3x).