Paratropis sp. 

Distribution: Ecuador, Misahuallí, Napo River

Dorsal view.

Carapace with developed ocular tubercle, dorsal view.

Ventral view.

Posterior lateral spinnerets with digitiform apical segment, ventral view. 

Notes: Anterior maxillary lobe very distinct and conical, apical segment of posterior lateral spinnerets digitiform, cuticle rugged (not smooth), absence of tarsal scopulae, presence of one denticle on paired tarsal claws, the third unpaired claw absent, presence of two parallel rows of cheliceral teeth, presence of labial cuspules (number of labial cuspules is higher than maxillary cuspules), presence of claviform trichobothria on trochanters, femora, patellae, tibiae and metatarsi of all legs.