Homoeomma sp.

Distribution: Chile (tdf)

Adult male, length about 20 millimetres.

Male palpal bulb (RKCP 0044) with developed tegular apophysis and prolateral superior (PS) and prolateral inferior (PI) keels, prolateral view. Arrow shows an undistinct subapical tooth on PI keel. The terminology follows Bertani, 2000.

Adult female, length about 25 millimetres.

Spermathecae of adult female (RKCP 0043).


Notes: The genus was tentatively housed in the genus Homoeomma Ausserer, 1871. Male palpal bulb with two parallel keels (PS, PI) and tegular apophysis (TA). Metatarsus I ventrally with basal nodule. Tibium I with two stout unequal subapical apophysis, retrolateral apophysis with apical spine, prolateral apophysis with inner lateral spine. Labium with approximately 25 cuspules.  Femur IV retrolaterally without scopulae. Trochanteral and coxal plumose bristles absent. Tarsi III and IV divided by band of hairs, tarsi II by line of hairs, tarsi I undivided. Female with two separated seminal receptacles, basally extended and terminated with a rounded lobe.