Homoeomma sp.

Distribution: Chile

Adult male.

Male palpal bulb with developed tegular apophysis and two convergent prolateral keels (prolateral superior and prolateral inferior keel) and short apical keel, prolateral view. Arrows show two subapical teeth on PI keel. The termilogy follows Bertani, 2000.

Male palpal bulb, retrolateral view. Arrows show two subapical teeth on PI keel.

Adult female.



Variability in the shape of spermathecae of adult females.


Notes: Male palpal bulb with two parallel keels (PS, PI) and tegular apophysis,  presence of two teeth on PS keel (apically). Metatarsus I with ventral basal nodule. Tibium I with two stout unequal apophyses, both apophyses with apical spine. Presence of urticating hairs of the type III (according Cooke et al., 1972). Females with two stout seminal receptacles terminated with a rounded lobes; presence of urticating hairs of the types III and IV and also hairs of intermediate morphology. Femur IV retrolaterally without scopulae. Trochanteral and coxal plumose bristles absent. Tarsi IV divided by band of setae.