Euathlus sp.

Distribution: Chile

Adult male, dorsal view.

Adult male, ventral view.

Two unequal tibial apophyses.

Right male palpal bulb, prolateral view.

Notes: Confirmed the absence of plumose setae on retrolateral face of femur IV, the absence of coxal and trochanteral stridulatory hairs. The presence of urticating hairs of types III and IV.  All tarsi not divided, not parted except the tarsi IV divided by line of hairs in basal third. Approximately 40 labial cuspules. The palpal bulb morphology: PI and PS keel very weak and fused in apical half, presence of small denticles (=ventral crest=VC according Bertani, 2000) in embolus. The retrolateral metatarsal protuberance is absent.