Bonnetina tanzeri Schmidt, 2012

Distribution : Mexico

Adult male (RKCP 0456), total length (without chelicerae and spinnerets): 29 mm.

Adult male (RKCP 0456), right palpal bulb, prolateral view.

Adult male (RKCP 0456), right palpal bulb, retrolateral view..

Adult male (RKCP 0456), left tibia I, retrolaterally-ventral view.

Notes: Male tibial apophyses are complemented by the third apophysis (near long ventral branch), with 4-6 spines (4 apical spines on the right side, 4+2 in two rows on the left side). Metatarsus I with basal ventro-retrolateral nodule with granules (present only in B. aviae and B. rudloffi according Estrada-Alvarez & Locht, 2011; present also in B. cyaneifemur according the figure of tibial apophyses in original description). Number of cheliceral teeth: nine.  Cheliceral teeth formula (from the basal end): vVvV_VVVVV. Cheliceral granules are located along the first four basal teeth. Metatarsus III is 1.33 longer than tibia III (met III 8.9 mm, tib III 6.7 mm). All femora dorsaly dark blue. Paired tarsal claw on leg IV with 4 teeth on PL branch and 3 teeth on RL branch. PI keel with 6 sharp teeth. This species is closely related to B. rudloffi Vol, 2001.