Unknown genus (formerly incorrectly classified as Cyclosternum sp.)  

Distribution: Ecuador, Machala near Guayaquil

Adult male.

The strongly curved metatarsus I and two tibial apophyses of adult male.

Male palpal bulb with short embolus and two well-developed apical keels, PS and PI keel. PI keel is denticulate (terminology follows Bertani, 2000).

Adult female.

Spermathecae of immature female.

Juvenile specimen.

Notes: This species possesses urticating hairs of the type III+IV (according Cooke et al., 1972). The genus Cyclosternum is associated with the urticating hairs of the type I and III (Pérez-Miles, 2008 pers. comm.; syntype of C. schmardae from NHMW examined).